Manual Install   latest version 1.4
Copy directly to your IIS7 web server running ASP.NET MVC 1.0.
Please read the getting started and installation pages.
Download 1.4
Nightly Build   experimental version 1.5
This version is experimental. Get a sneak peak at upcoming features.
See the roadmap and the changelog for more information.
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Source Code   hosted on Google Code
AtomSite is open source. You are encouraged to take a look at the code.
We are currently using SVN but are evaluating Git and Mercurial system.
SVN Repo

Previous Versions
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BlogML Refresh Release 1.3.1 released 2010-02-22
info | download
BlogML Release 1.3 released 2009-09-21
info | download
Settings Release 1.2 released 2009-08-04
info | download
Plugin Release 1.1 released 2009-06-28
info | download
Admin Release 1.0 released 2009-05-01
info | download
Modular Release 0.9 released 2009-03-18

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