AtomSite Overview

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AtomSite is built with extensible web standards that unleash your social website and blog

AtomSite is search engine optimized and performance optimized for quick page loads

Start a blog, manage a website, and publish your great content online.  With extensibility built in, the possibilities are endless.
What's New in AtomSite 1.4?
Manage Widgets. The new widget management page allows you to add, edit, and configure widgets.
Inline Widgets. Add a widget (poll, contact form, etc) into the content of an entry.
Manage Users. In AtomSite Manager, users can be filtered, added, or updated.
Medium Trust. You can now run AtomSite on more shared hosting providers.
AtomSite has the features you expect from a modern day content management system.
First rate blogging with support for
Multiple-authors and contributors
SEO and performance optimizations
Drafts, approvals, and scheduled publishing
Trackback and Pingback support
Anti-spam features
Comments with Gravatar and OpenID
XHTML compliance even with rich html comments
Fully theme-able
FTP deploy on IIS7
Setup wizard
Full AtomPub based management
Familiar AtomSite Manager administration dashboard
Full extensibility with plugins, widgets, macros

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