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Running AtomSite on Hosting Providers
With the recent release of AtomSite 1.4, we are working on making AtomSite install on more hosting providers.  Our biggest change in this direction was the medium trust support.
I've personally run AtomSite on two hosting providers: AspNix and DiscountAsp.  There was a huge difference between these two hosting providers when setting up AtomSite. With DiscountAsp, they have stellar IIS7 support and I was up and running quickly with a few tweaks in their incredible control panel.  However, with AspNix, it required many back-and-forth emails with their (very helpful) support crew:
Enable full-trust (to enable write permissions)
Many back-and-forth on permission delegation for web.config (their permissions are too locked down for IIS7)
Please allow PUT and DELETE verbs in UrlScan
I was recently contacted by MaximumASP with the following info:

I was trying to get AtomSite working on our shared environment, but kept running into issues with the DELETE and PUT requests. The removing the webdav module got me half of the way there, but I had to full kill off webdav publishing to get it to work.
We also had to add this to the web.config:
     <authoring enabled="false" />
Once that was done we were good to go.

Once that was done we were good to go.
I've linked to this data from the troubleshooting page. Also, the support forum has some information about AtomSite hosted on Godaddy.
Posted by JarrettV on April 30 at 6:20 PM
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AtomSite 1.4 Update in Web Platform Gallery
AtomSite is now up-to-date in the Web Platform Gallery aka  This makes it incredibly easy to install AtomSite and have IIS7 configured. This is why on our new download page we have it marked as the featured way to download AtomSite.
When you install AtomSite using through the Web Platform Gallery, it automatically ensures you have ASP.NET MVC installed and that the file permissions are set appropriately.
Going forward, we plan to have more experimental versions.  Each time AtomSite is at a stable point, we will push that version the Web Platform Gallery.
Did you install from the Web Platform Gallery? Let us know your experience!
Posted by JarrettV on April 15 at 5:32 PM
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AtomSite 1.4 Widgets Release
This release of AtomSite 1.4 contains a new widget management system that allows you to personalize your site with ease.  We've also improved the AtomSite Manager in many areas.
Most pages and some widgets have customizable areas.  You can include widgets into these customizable areas to alter the appearance and functionality of your website.  The following screen allows you manage those widget includes.


You can manage the widgets at any scope.  If you include a widget into an area at the workspace scope, it'll show in every collection within that workspace.  Also, if you include a widget in a master page, it'll show in every child page.  Pages and widgets are built to target certain areas.
Learn more about widgets
Widgets can also be included inline into the content of an entry.  For example, you may want to post a poll or have a contact form on certain entries.
We have a new twitter plug-in that is included out-of-the-box.  This widget can be included on any page.  The widget can be configured to show X number of tweets.  Also, you must choose a twitter user name that has a public feed.  If you are running AtomSite in medium trust, you may need a special setting to allow outgoing web requests.
AtomSite now supports medium trust. One major change we made was switching the default logging subsystem. AtomSite will no longer write trace and error information automatically to a log file.  If you are running in high or full trust you can enable log files.
How to configure logging
Finally, we greatly improved many areas of AtomSite Manager.  For example:
Filter entries and annotations by category or quickly search them
Filter users by role
Create or update user
View role matrix
Improved support for multi-folder workspace mode
Improved dynamic links on entries and annotations
Better support for limited access by contributors and authors
Better IE7 support and support on small mobile screens
Install theme from zip file
Customized CKEditor
Auto-restart when changing certain settings
Choose file extension of blog pages (default is .xhtml)
Improved core plugin warnings
For a complete list of changes with this release, see the release page on CodePlex.
Download Release 1.4
Posted by JarrettV on April 01 at 5:17 AM
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Widget Management in AtomSite
I'm excited about the next release of AtomSite.  The AtomSite Manager is maturing and the one area I'm most excited about is the new Widgets page.  This page will allow you to easily customize the widgets that appear on your site.  Here is a sneak peak:

For example, say I'd like to have my recent tweets show up next to my blog posts in my blog collection. But for the pages about my software, I want my latest GitHub commits.  You can use this page to setup different widget includes for different collections.
You can look forward to AtomSite 1.4 this month (March 2010)!

Inline Widgets and Contact Form Plugin
The next version of AtomSite will include support for inline widgets.  An inline widget is a widget that is activated by placing a widget include into the content of an entry.  This allows all sorts of new scenarios such as polling widgets, dynamic content widgets, and a contact form widget.
Also, the next release of AtomSite will contain a contact form widget built-in as a core widget.  This widget can be placed on every page at the workspace or collection scopes.  However, with the new inline widget support, you can also place the widget on a single page.

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for your benefit. Please acknowledge our hard work by leaving
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AtomSite 1.3.1 Release
This release of AtomSite 1.3.1 is a small refresh that fixes a few bugs and updates the javascript and DotNetOpenAuth library.
Updated solution file to VS 2010 RC
Fixed media uploads with Windows Live Writer
Fixed blog URL link in collection feeds
Fixed content encoding header of wlwmanifest, sitemap, and other xml files
Fixed read-only issue for accepts in AtomSite Manager collection settings
Updated jQuery to 1.4.1
Updated jquery.timeago to 0.8.1
Updated to 1.1.2
Updated jquery.single-ddm to 1.2
Updated OpenIDPlugin to use latest DotNetOpenAuth version


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